Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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Re: Honestly

Yeah, Bigma is a jack of all trades and fun. But pro, it ain't. It's F4 at 50mm, F5 at 100mm, F5.6 to 170mm, F6 to 300mm F6.3 to 500mm. (as derived by watching camera as I spin through zoom range). As to how well the AF systems work, I make no assumptions. Just that the D7000 locks and tracks players noticeably better than my D300 on this lens. Anecdotal, but observable. Thus meaningful to me... bigma user that I am.

I also agree on your tele reach statement. 500mm is surely not needed. I notice very few of my shots exceed 300mm when I review them. Hm.

enkindler wrote:

The Bigma is slower than f/5.6 after 100mm, Nikon never designed the AF system to work well with lenses that slow. It is not a slam on the bigma just reality. It is a compromise lens and is what it is and is actually very amazing for it's zoom length and price.

I am not a parent so I probably am a poor source of what is a good lens for shooting from the bleachers. I am not trying to document my child's life, and thus would have vastly different goals then you.

For me 500mm is too long with a monopod, I don't like to use gimbals at sports shoots. but there are sigmas that are f/4 and at the 100-300 foot range.

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