Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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Re: Honestly

D7000 has 15% more linear resolution. Yes.
D7000 33% more total resolution. Yes.

The day I got my D7000 I immediately pulled out the tripod and my 50mm prime to do image comparison with the D300. I was expecting to see those 33% more pixels leaping off the monitor at me. I was VERY disappointed. The real image detail at 100% viewing was, on any practical level, the same. Yes you can find some fine details that extinct on the D300 still present on the D7000. But mostly, it's meaningless to all but the most picky and the most perfect exposure. I bought my D7000 just before a ski trip to the Alps -- I was allured by something a little lighter, that can take 1080P vid, and will let me see slightly more into the texture of the mountains. Did I get what I hoped? Well, sort of. The video quality is good, but jerky. It'll do in a pinch. Did I nail focus well enough to benefit from the added resolution? Honestly? Maybe on 5 of 1500 shots. So, don't expect miracles.

Tony Beach wrote:

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My main point was that they are all great cameras, and that I doubt the 15% increase in vertical lines makes many shots that would be lost on the D300.

Actually, I think it's wrong to say that it is only 15% more vertical resolution.

It's not a mistake, it's a fact.

The total number of pixels is about 33% more and that is clearly a visible difference.

DOF diffraction is an issue -- so the number of shots where the increased resolution from a D7000 will be noticeable compared to a D300/D300s are more infrequent than the MP numbers would suggest.

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