Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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The Bigma is slower than f/5.6 after 100mm, Nikon never designed the AF system to work well with lenses that slow. It is not a slam on the bigma just reality. It is a compromise lens and is what it is and is actually very amazing for it's zoom length and price.

I am not a parent so I probably am a poor source of what is a good lens for shooting from the bleachers. I am not trying to document my child's life, and thus would have vastly different goals then you.

For me 500mm is too long with a monopod, I don't like to use gimbals at sports shoots. but there are sigmas that are f/4 and at the 100-300 foot range.

When I am looking to take good shots of a particular player I get to know what part of the field they are in when they are doing their best work.

I make a point to get into position to catch that image no matter if I am on the 70-200 or on a longer prime.

This will probably not fit in with your needs, If I look at the RAW samples at high ISO for any DX camera I do not find the results acceptable. I find the ability to pull shadow data out of a raw file when I miss a shot more important then having the ease of jpeg. I will say that the noise reduction on the D7000 at high ISO in jpeg is much improved.

Of course I do have to jump up to jpeg if I want to get the FPS up.

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