Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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Re: Honestly

Yup. Totally agree -- and I spent the $$ to get that infrequent marginal improvement. Much as I like the D7000, I'd like to mush it together with my D300 to yield the D400. Until then, the D7000 is the cam I reach for most often. I do like my $14 wireless shutter release, too.

Tony Beach wrote:

As I said earlier, it is the difference between a 20" print and a 23" print; and that assumes you actually got everything the D300/D300s had to offer in the first place, and were then able to improve on that with the D7000. For narrow DOF focus is a bigger issue, and for wide DOF diffraction is an issue -- so the number of shots where the increased resolution from a D7000 will be noticeable compared to a D300/D300s are more infrequent than the MP numbers would suggest.

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