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Knowledge and expectations is a curious thing. It changes in many instances what we feel and see . I always read what peoples opinions are on different topics , not always I agree , but always respect them , knowing before hand the subjective nature of photography and what many percieve as differences and the amount involved in those differences .

Now . I can agree or disagree but one thing is for sure , it's my eyes and nobodies else that tells me if there are differences or not. I do acept the fact that in a blind test it would be practically imposible with any statistical significance for me to say which photo came from which camera , more so knowing that in digital cameras we have the options to change so many parameters as to make one camera seem like many others.

All that being said the fact remains that at least for me my eyes always tells me the story and in this controversy over if the differences between one camera and the other are visible , everywhere I have seen photos taken with the D7000 I can always see a mark difference between it and the photos taken with my D90 which uses the same sensor as the one in the D300s and has the same noise performance . Photos taken with the D90 always have what I might call simplicity ( in comparison to photos taken with the D7000). There just seem to be more resolution . You can see more deeply into the substance of things permeating the photograph.

Take a tree for instance. With the D90 it seems to be very nice and you can see that it is a tree with all it's raw nature to its surface imperfections . The same photo with a D7000 you will be able to see just more clearly into those imperfections in the surface of the tree . I am one who have thought that those differences I was seeing were in fact the added amount of pixels but right now I'm not so sure as if the differences I am percieving are really related to pixel count . I'm beginning to believe those differences that I see in the D7000 photos are a combination of factors that as a whole give the D7000 the ability to make photos seem more 3D in nature.

So , if you can see a difference in the D7000 photos in comparison to the D300s , remember it's your eyes and not theirs. It's your expectation and not theirs. If you can see them , great , if others can't see them , that's ok because I can truly see them and what I can see and percieve with my eyes tells the whole story to me and that's it and nobody can tell me otherwise.

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