Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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Re: Honestly

LOL. You are most welcome to doubt whatever you like. But the difference is indeed noticeable. The mirror in the D7000 is a blink. Very nice.

On a different note, I shot a bunch of pics with my Bigma (no flames please) at my daughter's lacrosse game this weekend. I was surprised to notice that despite having fewer cross type sensors, the D7000 did a better job of focusing than the D300 when I switched bodies. I expected the opposite, intending to use a smaller faster lens on the D7000 for that reason. Nope. So I put the 28-70 on the D300.

olyflyer wrote:

I don't know what you mean by "fast blackout time". The D300s VF blackout time should be faster since it shoots with higher frame rate, but in any case, I doubt the difference is noticable.

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