Sigma SD1 sample photos

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DaSigmaGuy wrote:


The SD1 sample, which has no AA filter is almost as soft as the Canon sample, which has an AA filter!...We all know about SPP5's built in noise reduction and how it can soften an image...Looks like it was turned up to the max in this case!


The SD1 sample has a fraction more detail, but only a fraction, and you have to look very close to see the difference.


Although amateurish in its conduction this is still one of the best SD1 comparsions I've seen so far.

Agree on all counts.

If this is anywhere close to the SD1's capabilities, Sigma should be embarrassed for - and will likely be ridiculed as a result of - positioning this camera against medium format offerings.

As a member of the huge contingent that was hoping Sigma would knock this one out of the park, I'm very disappointed in what Sigma has done. Instead of a home run, they've managed only a triple. Still, they want to add 2 runs to their score!


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