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PhillyFotog wrote:

enkindler wrote:

I would argue that the 95% view finder of the D7000 would make you lose as many shots as you would gain from the extra resolution.

Please cite your source for 95% viewfinder. I find the viewfinder on my D7000 superior to my D300. Roughly 100% coverage. Also the quicker blackout interval is palpable. The only things I prefer about my D300 are the size and the shoulder button config. D300 Feels better in my hand. All in all, I'd say the IQ diff between thee two is slight to marginal. I'm just neurotic enough to want that slight improvement. When you really nail your shot, the D7000 does take a slightly better shot. But I'd say that most of the time, it makes no difference. In any case, I'm dying to see the D400 and D800 details.

I think he is confusing the Viewfinder magnification, which is 94% with the Frame coverage, which is 100%. The data is the same for both the D300s and the D7000, so of course, if you are (or he is) missing any shots it won't be because of the view finder. BTW, what do you recon is better in the D7000 VF? With the same lens, focused on the same object it is the same. The only difference is that the D7000 has shorter eye point (18mm) as opposed to the D300s which has 19.5mm.

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