Olympus Warranty WITHOUT warranty cards???

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Olympus Warranty WITHOUT warranty cards???

Hey all, I've already got a 520 and 420 but since the 420 is so good at IR photography I'm thinking about picking up a backup. I found one locally at a Walmart but it was obviously previously purchased and returned WITH NO WARRANTY CARDS! It also has 1566 shutter releases on it but for about $200 it still seems a good deal.

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I absolutely can't stand dishonest weasels who purchase things with no intention of keeping them. They simply intend to borrow the item for a weekend, family trip, or wedding and then return it. Self-absorbed jerks!... I guess they just feel they deserve it. The rest of us just have to put up with the restricted return policies and higher prices resulting from their bottom-dweller behavior.

long slow breaths... ah I feel better now.

Anyhow, have any of you had experience trying to get warranty work done by Olympus WITHOUT the warranty cards. Obviously I will still have a valid receipt (probably will be serialized) for the camera sold as new.

I'm just a little worried about getting a camera with possibly no warranty at all.



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