How does a USA iPhone work overseas??

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Re: How does a USA iPhone work overseas??

Put your phone into "airplane mode" to not receive any calls ever while overseas.

You can also forward all incoming calls to Google Voice or another Voicemail service instead (cannot be 1800 number).

Here is what may happen if you do not. It did happen to me.

I was away in Thailand and never answered my incoming calls. I just let the phone ring and go to my ATT voicemail.

Someone left me a 10 minute VM. This one cost me about $20.

Once your phone rings and you do not answer it, the call gets routed back to your VM, and from here on you are already roaming if travelling overseas.

These days I found the best of 2 worlds: I get to use SMS and keep my phone from ever ringing. Before leaving, I forward all incoming calls to Google Voice (sometimes it fails to answer though, so make sure that you test it well before leaving). When someone calls me and leaves a VM, I get this as an attachment sent to me in an email and can listen to it when logged in. It also transcribes the message, but this feature is useless.

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