Oly E-5 and 12-60 mm lens

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Re: Oly E-5 and 12-60 mm lens

g0wex wrote:

Not sure of your technique when shooting panos but my method is:
1. determine the composition eg. start and end point of your pano
2. sweep the area while monitoring the exposure in the viewfinder

3. pick an average exposure for the whole scene (try to avoid getting the sun in the frame)
4. set the camera to manual with the indicated exposure.
5. set camera to manual focus + suitable WB eg.daylight
6. shoot the images overlapping by aprox 30%

I usually use the camera vertically- especially useful if shooting handheld as you will produce a wider image which will give you more leeway for cropping if you didn't keep exactly level

I would also use a graduated ND filter which will reduce/eliminate the problem of the blown sky

Hope some of this is useful

Cheers Steve

Hi Steve,

I use most of your technique as well with a bit of difference with my old Oly 8080 and E-3, locking the AEL.

Have taken a few vertically due to the sky was so big and a tree so tall, but will, Steve take your very useful and helpful comments on me next photo shoot.

Thanking you very much.

Sawadee from Thailand
Kan Win

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