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Re: Sigma SD1 vs Canon 5D Mark II (landscape)

olimpero wrote:

OK, my impressions of the SD1 sample vs the 5DmkII sample...The framing is not the same. The SD1 is aimed noticably more towards the left, the Canon more towards the right.

The SD1 sample has noticable CA, at bottom right of frame, the Canon sample has none.

The SD1 sample, which has no AA filter is almost as soft as the Canon sample, which has an AA filter!...We all know about SPP5's built in noise reduction and how it can soften an image...Looks like it was turned up to the max in this case!

Obviously both will be somewhat soft because of the zoom lenses used, but there is no excuse for the foliage on the far bank in the Sigma sample at left of frame looking so soft and almost identically "nutella" like as in the Canon sample.

There appears to be more haze in the Canon sample, which shows it may have been taken at a different date...Either that or the Sigma zoom simply has more contrast than the Canon zoom.

The SD1 sample has a fraction more detail, but only a fraction, and you have to look very close to see the difference.

As for the DP2 sample...Its obvious the DP2 lens is'nt as wide as the zooms used in the SD1 or Canon samples...The DP1 would have been a better choice for such a comparison. The NEX framing is slightly wider than the DP2 sample and the background is noticably softer that in the DP2 sample too...The DP2 sample has the best looking foliage on the far bank at left of frame of all four samples, though there is much less difference between the two in the closer foliage at the bottom of both samples.

The NEX sample is noticably larger in size than the DP2 sample, but not necessarily any more detailed.

I'm not really seeing a huge resolution advantage of the SD1 over the DP2...But again the focal lengths used were not identical so its hard to do a direct comparison.

Although amateurish in its conduction this is still one of the best SD1 comparsions I've seen so far.

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