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petr marek wrote:

OK, I believe it´s a camera, which can take exceptional photos, slowly, with limitations, for very high price, but exceptional. And I just hope now it´s time to upgrade SD15 and DP series for thousands of ordinary users and Foveon fans, which can´t or don´t want to spend so much money. I think 6-8(x3) mpx Foveon camera with better low light and speed performance would be just fine...

Never gonna happen...Sigma need to sell the SD1 or their wont be any future Sigma DSLRs...Problem is, at the current price they can only sell the SD1 in single digit sales figures, so Sigma have cut their own throats and the throats of their user base and potential user base alike.

But thats not their biggest problem though...Their biggest problem is they are Japanese and therefore they wont easily be able to accept the huge stigma of losing face that will occur if they drop the price to what they promised everyone it would be, just to make the SD1 sell well as they expected and indeed need...And their is'nt much chance of that happening anytime soon.

Looks like we are stuck with the cameras we have for several years yet, or we can simply choose to upgrade to another brand that does'nt treat its user base like a putrid dog turd, that there doing their best not to step in!

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