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Re: I did not mean to turn this into an argument about darkness...

caspianm wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

…but come on... you may call that dark but to me that looks normal, weak light. Often times I don't have more light in the middle of the day outdoors on the open. If you were not in the shade using CWA metering you would have gotten faster shutter speed. There is simply too much contrast in the image, but it is not taken in the dark.

Assuming the EXIF is OK, the image was taken a minute before official sunset which was 16:43 on the 22 June. Perhaps you call that dark, I don't. Dark for me is when the sky is dark and the unlit billboards and road signs are no longer readable from that distance.

Anyway, that was not my real point. My point was that in fact, even your image could have been improved with even better high ISO, and a flash could have also improved the lighting in the shade, where you were parked. If it was dark a flash would have not helped to light up that blue road sign or that red billboard in the far distance though. This image is a typical image where high ISO AND flash is necessary if you want to take a technically better image. TTL-BL is the answer to avoid noise and the high ISO slow shutter speed would have given you the same detail in the background.

From iso performance to lecture on flash photography. Nice!

No, really, it was just a sort of response to this:

rpps wrote:

I can't understand all the hype about better noise levels at higher ISO's with the D7000, gee do you need a camera too be able to take photos in complete darkness, if it's that dark put a flash on.

Better high ISO performance is indeed needed. Using flash is not a solution and it may still be necessary even with better high ISO and is definitely not replacing the need for better high ISO performance.

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