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Re: Magenta all over

Skip M wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Skip M wrote:

Actually, as much as it pains me to agree with VV, the original 5D does have a very slight magenta cast, as both my wife and I have found out. It's not bad, and, considering we shoot mostly people, it's not a true negative, since skin tones do tend to that direction.

Like I said upthread, I've never seen it. By "never seen it", I mean I've never found myself systematically correcting for a magenta cast.

Could you post a before and after pic, where one shows this "magenta cast" and the other is a different conversion where you corrected for it?

I'd be interested to see what you're claiming. See here:


for an example of what I would call "extreme" color editing (aside from choosing the desired white balance).

I would, GB, but I never post substandard images, anywhere. I know that sounds like a cop-out, but twice we've had images that we posted as "don't do this" examples show up on threads as examples of our work. So, no. But one thing to note, it's not a major problem, it might go unnoticed by many as it isn't out of the ordinary for some scenes or subjects, and, frankly, just looks a little warm on most people's monitors, which they may like.

Then can you comment on the before and after pics in the link I gave?


Does the before pic appear to have a magenta cast?

Could you also comment on the pic I posted in this thread:


which had no color correction or WB adjustment in the RAW conversion. Does that pic suffer from a magenta cast? I mean, honestly, like I said, I have never systematically corrected for a magenta cast, but I adjust the white balance all the time in the conversion.

I'm wondering if my eyes are just different, my monitor is different, my camera is different, or my RAW converter is different. I mean, I just don't see a magenta cast, and never have.

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