HS requires seniors to use one photog for yearbook pix.

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Re: HS requires seniors to use one photog for yearbook pix.

Brian Mollenkopf wrote:

Email from school:

The senior photos will once again be taken by Woodard only. You may schedule a time with them to go in and have the picture taken at their studio. You may also wait and have it taken on the day when they come in to take senior photos at school. This is a different day than the normal school photos for ID cards and underclassmen yearbook photos.

From school handout:

ALL senior pictures will be taken by Woodard Photography. Call 1-800-589-6411 to schedule a free sitting or listen for the special senior-only picture day in the fall. Pictures taken on the regular picture day or submitted from other studios will not be used in the book.

Wait, so this is free and you're still unhappy? I'd guess the school is simply paying one person to do the job and leaving it at that. Here in Australia that's how all the school photos are done. It streamlines the process and the sitting is free. Plus it gives uniformity to the yearbook and makes it easier to set certain standards (eg makeup rules, clothing rules, photo modification, etc).

Personally I can't see a problem with what the school is doing. If they were forcing you to pay for it then yes - I'd complain (especially if you were being forced to pay for something outside of your pricerange) but otherwise I'd say just put up with it.

If you believe that the photographer they've selected is of dubious quality then you could always get into a discussion about using a different photographer, but that would require finding an alternative & pricing them & seeing if other parents are happy to change.

Personally it all seems like far more trouble than it's worth.

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