Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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Re: Honestly

kk123 wrote:

The comparison is based on the info from Dpreview test, which I don't doubt,

That's not what you said when you offered that, "...therefore the sandgrouse picture to show that the D7000 delivers better than D300/D300s." Nonetheless, since you brought it up:

Please direct me to where DPR's D7000 review demonstrates "significantly" greater resolution from that camera compared to the D300/D300s?

and from my own use of D300 through two years.

That means absolutely nothing.

D7000 represents a material jump forward as concerns the sensor. The impressive thing is that even with a significantly higher pixel density, with better cropping possibility,

Again, you say it without showing it. I would say in a best case scenario we are talking about MARGINALLY higher resolution (not to be confused with pixel density since for instance the AA filter can be implicated in resolution).

even the noise has been reduced. That's really a win - win!

Funny thing is I don't doubt the D7000 sensor is an improvement over the sensor used in the D300 (or the one used in the D90 or D300s), but you haven't shown that and I think you've overstated the differences. Personally, if it were me, I would stick with the D300/D300s for now and not trade mine in for a D7000, and Thom Hogan has pretty much offered the same advice.

If you doubt the 3-4 years jump in technical development of the sensor from D300 to D7000, I guess you still stay put with D100? No reason to change?

I'm shooting almost exclusively now with the A850, which is an older sensor than the D7000, and I see no reason whatsoever to abandon it in favor of the newer technology. When newer technology comes along that offers me a meaningful upgrade to what I have, I will go for it if my finances allow it.

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