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Re: Bookmarks

ChrisLumix wrote:

. . .

By "confrontationally inconsiderate", I'm thinking of one or two forum members that refuse to even click on the reply/quote link immediately below the message that they're replying to. Instead, they click on the link at the bottom of the page , making it appear (when following in threaded mode) that they've replied to the last person that posted a reply in the thread, when that was usually not the case.

I think DPR have resolved that problem for people with more than 2 brain cells - it now says REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE beneath each post instead of just REPLY.

I've long suspected that the few that do that have little more than 2 brain cells, and since they haven't changed their ways after the newly worded "REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE" link, I guess that my instincts were correct!

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