Documented X100 Focus Problems

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Re: Documented X100 Focus Problems

Huh, other thread you started not good enough....?....did you even read my post?

For your convenience:

So I have been using this camera for reportage style professionally shot corporate work for a little over a month, 4,000+ images, so far it has been a total blessing in it's size, silence and great file.
Of course, there are bugs, some have been worked out.

In terms of focus, I think it has improved quite a bit as the overall operation has gotten less laggy and has more snap to it. The AF hunts and misses less in medium low light, still misses in MF using the AF/AE-L button in the lowest of light though.

The biggest issue I see in manual focus is the larger AF box / target, it is just not anywhere near as accurate as when the camera is set on AF-S mode, especially now that decent parallax correction has been added on in the recent firmware upgrade. So I think that the way around this for Fuji would be to ditch the larger AF box version and just go with the smaller more accurate one in all modes, or at least have the option to. I almost never use the focus ring because it is simply too slow and not as precise as using the camera's AF system.

Often if you are photographing in situations that the subject is against a busy or bright background, the AF misses and either hits the background it self or just lands on 7 feet, regardless of what the subject or background distance is. However, it does not do this anywhere near as much when in AF-S mode with the far smaller and more accurate AF box, the hit ratio is much better.

So what I have done to combat this issue is either use AF/AE-L in manual when dealing with simply non-complex and darker than the subject backgrounds or use AF-S when the opposite, more problematic subject background combos are in play. The KEY to using it this way is to properly set up and use the combination of AF and lock buttons in this mode....

Simply go to the set up menu and set "AE/AF-LOCK MODE" to S and then right below it, set "AE/AF-LOCK BUTTON" to AF-L. What this allows you do to is simply lock the focus for as many shots as you want at where you hit focus until you either toggle the button off or shut the camera off again. Leave the button on and both the non-paralax corrected frame and the corrected one light up green and stay that way letting you know you are locked for as many shots as you like and then when you want to find a new focus point, hit the button again, nail focus and either lock it and recompose or just get one shot. This also works great in EVF mode for close ups.

With practice, I am finding this to be a great if not far better option to using the AF/AE-L button in manual mode.

This is a quirky little camera, but it has strengths that are too hard for me personally to part with so I am simply going to outsmart it as most of us have to do with nearly all AF cameras including the D3 because as precise or not as they are, only we know what we want in focus in any given shot.

So give this is a shot and then see how you fee about your keeper rate, I am keeping the camera based on this workaround in addition to Fuji's obvious commitment to getting it right. read all of this, right? An actual photographer identifies the strength of the tool, overcomes the weaknesses and gets on with shooting. The billion strong hoards of people who call them selves photographers buy camera after camera, shoot the same old bland happy snaps and then spend endless hours on the internet complaining about it.

Hint, cut out two 4x4mm square of gaffer's tape and place them stacked on the otherwise hidden menu button......get ready for an "Ah-HA" moment.

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