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Re: RawTherapee looks promising, but unfortunately no good results with ARW on Linux

Clicked wrote:

I've tried to get RawTherapee working with the Nex .ARW files, but unfortunately there is no way to get a normal look. The difference with JPEGs is huge, colours are completely off, and RawTherapee's forum doesn't offer any solution.

Good to see that on Windows things are fine, but seeing as it's free software, I thought it might be good to mention that there are still major Linux issues, in any case on Ubuntu-like distro's.

I use Ubuntu, and I too felt that RawTherapee produces very poor results. I then found out that we have very old versions of the software in the repository (3.0 alpha1). Most Windows users would be downloading RawTherapee now, and therefore, using the latest software. It's sad that the person responsible for RawTherapee on Launchpad has not made the effort to remove his builds.

Anyway, the latest build of RawTherapee seems to need a library that's not in 11.04's repositories. I had to execute the following commands to get the library:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:dasprid/rawtherapee
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install liblcms2-dev

(This information can be found via their homepage.)

I did all this, and on starting the program via rtstart, it tells me that it is "Loading thumbnails..."

I'll wait for a while and see how things go. Maybe you can do this too in the mean time, if you're curious.

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