in praise of RawTherapee, "Amaze" demosaicing algorithm

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interesting, post-processing simplification from full-color sensor

D Cox: Well, it's a stop-gap for a year or two until Sony finally bring out sensors with full-colour pixels. Then all this heavy calculation for demosaicing will no longer be needed.?

Yes, suppose future hardware advances will also simplify software, particularly full-color sensors. Will be interesting to see what the final advantages are, at each level of chip technology, between having a smaller number of full color pixels, or a larger number of the common "Bayer sensor" R,G,B pixels.

For example, even without full-color pixels, demosaicing can also get real simple when our small sensors reach 32 megapixels and up. Because then you have the option of taking a 2x2 array of R,G,B pixels from the original file, each array holding 2 green pixels, 1 red, and 1 blue, and calculating an overall color for the group, and putting out an 8 megapixel result file. And of course the noise level goes down when you average the results of, for example, 2 green pixels, to get 1 green value for the array. Then when we get 64 etc megapixel cameras, we'll be able to put out a 16 etc megapixel result file with that simple "binning" algorithm.

Hmm, the implication is that we can do simple binning of our current Nex raw files and have an almost 4 megapixel result image. Perhaps a bit too crude for the taste of someone who's bothered to buy a Nex.

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