in praise of RawTherapee, "Amaze" demosaicing algorithm

Started Jun 10, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Let me be the odd man out

While the amaze algo seems indeed to bring out more detail (at least when viewed at 100% magnifictaion), it also seems to produce artifacts in shadow areas (lower-midtones even)as well as some jaggies, and doesn't really seem to like sharpening very much (which is why it probably shouldn't be compared to an unsharpened conversion using a different algorithm).

I wonder if the differences in detail between amaze and AHD are still visible at more practical magnifications (be it on a print or downsampled for common display sizes) - and hence whether the time spend processing the images is worth it.

With inspecting pictures at 100% it sometimes happens that we miss the wood for the trees

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