30D crapped out get 60D or 7D loyality

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Re: 30D crapped out get 60D or 7D loyality

What's on Canon's online refurbished list and what's offered on the "Loyality" program are not necessarily the same. In fact, they're not. The only way to know is to give them a call. Hard to say what factors result in a camera being offered on the LP.

And here goes my one edit: I've been thinking of getting a representative Canon DSLR body (modern technology etc, not just some venerable competent older body like the 50D). I've compared the 50D's IQ against the 60D and it seems that the improvement in technology just in the past few years makes the 60D a superior camera, IQ wise. I was kind of shocked how easily it bested the 50D.

You wouldn't notice it without comparing side by side but after seeing DPR's review page where you can choose cameras to compare at different ISOs, it's clear to me I'd get the 60D.

Hope I don't need another edit. How come we can edit as many times as we want on any other website's forums?

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