Pentax Q small sensor long zoom lenses

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Re: Pentax Q small sensor long zoom lenses

3 lens ... one pancake with riicolous quality, one zoom that matched with nex make the most ridicolous combo out there, and one kit that is good but big compared to the body.

the new roadmap say 3 lenses ion the 2011, so far announced only one slow macro or october, and considering sony is delaying a lot of products who knows when, the other 2 lenses? not even announced.

any wide angle announced ? maybe they don't know how to design it for sucha camera?

ET2 wrote:

jonny1976 wrote:

pentax has announced and produced more lenses in a week than nex in two years.

Two years? Maybe it's already been 10 years in your world. Nex was announced last year in May and didn't start shipping till June.

There are 3 native lenses (infinite MF lenses) and 4 more lenses in the roadmap for 2010.

There is also a consumer camcorder (VG10) and professional camcorder (FS100) within that one that uses Nex's E-mount.

Sigma showed a mockup of Nex lens a few months back.

Tamron announced they are planning to release E-mount lemnses.

There are several hundred adapters on ebay.

All that in one year.

Who do you think will be making adapters and lenses for Q mount?

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