DA21 or Da35 2.4 for walk-around-lens? Bad test results with K5

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DA21 or Da35 2.4 for walk-around-lens? Bad test results with K5


I am back into the Pentax world. After 3-4 year with the K100D and the K10D I sold my Pentax gear about 2 yeara ago and bought a Canon 7D with several lenses.

But then I discovered that I rarely used my DSLR-equipment because of the size and weight of the 7D body and the lenses (28-70 L, 10-20, 70-200L).

This summer I went to my preferred camera store in Berlin and compared my Canon setup with the K5. After 2-3 seconds it was obvious to me that I have to change back to Pentax again even though I always was very pleased by the IQ of the Canon setup.

I bought the K5 togehter with the 18-135 lens as a set. I still have the DA70 with I always loved and which I have never sold.

Now I am looking for a small fixed focal lens in order to have a light setup when I go for a walk with my kids in the park or in the city.

I had the DA40 before but I would prefer a bit wider lens. Thinking about the DA21 or DA35 2.4 at the moment (I do not like the focussing speed of the Macro DA35 2.8).
What could you recommend? The FA31 is a bit heavy (and pricy).

Yesterday I bought the current issue of the German COLORFOTO magazine and read the really awful scores of several Pentax lenses in combination with the K5 using a new testing procedure. The worst lens with a score of 24.5 out of 100 was the DA21. Could anyone explain that result to me?
Should I be worried about these tests?
Thanks for your buying advice!!!!!!!!!!

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