Serious question to do with Quality of Nikon and Canon

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Serious question to do with Quality of Nikon and Canon

Hello everyone. My name is George.

I am new to the photography world. I have read extensively between canon and nikon products and obviously there both top of the line.

Now before people assume this is another 'canon vs nikon' bash or something... please hear me out and please try to give me the best response to the questions asked.

1: I understand both Nikon and Canon make top quality cameras, no question.

2: I understand 1 may be 'easier' to use than the other depending on what you personally are used to using (since Im not used to anything, whichever I buy and learn on is the 1 I will find easier)

3: I also understand many people depending on what they had for past 10-20 years saved up in lenses automaticaly decides which brand to buy, since I do not have either 1, then whichever I buy is going to be the 1 I end up with lenses for over the years from today.

4: I understand photo quality is much to do with the experience of the photographer rather than the tools even though the tools once the photographer is exceptionally capable will make a huge difference

So, what am I really after?

Which do I buy and go with, Nikon or Canon.

Now having read the above... obviously its not a matter of "get which 1 ur used to using" as im not used to either point no: 2 above. It is also not a matter of the one u have lenses for as they are both good cause I dont have any point no:3 above.

What am I really after then?

Well, eventualy I want to end up with a Proffesional range 35mm full frame camera. I want the benefit of Digital to not have to constantly buy photo film and also able to see how a photo turned out on the spot so I can retake the shot etc rather than hope it was a good shot to only find out when its printed it wasnt which by this stage its too late to take another 1 especialy if i was on holiday in a different country... however I do want the full size of the SLR which I assume is 35mm full frame DSLR?

So having said that, not having any camera or lenses or being used to one over the other...

Why would I spend money on a Canon now, get used to using a canon so that its the easier 1 to use and stocking up on canon lenses over the years... and why would I do the same thing by investing in a Nikon to start with, getting used to it making it the easier one to use and stocking up on nikon lenses over the years?

Between the 2 (lets use the 2 best proffesional cameras they both offer - top line canon and top line nikon as this is ultimatelly where I am headed and will own)

Whats important to me? Here are my questions.

1: Which camera will give sharper/clearer images, canon or nikon? So basicaly what I mean by that is, once taken with both cameras, printed out, which side by side will look clearer and which will look more blurry so to speak (i assume this is talking about sharpness?) both in dark like a candle lit dinner, stars, owls at night etc and also nice bright sunny days, car shows, people, weddings, landscape and so forth

2: Between the canon and nikon which one will give the truest colour? What I mean by this is, for example, you look at the sky with a tree, ur eyes see blue sky and green leaves. once both cameras take the photo which 1 will look as blue/green as your eyes saw, and which 1 will look "more" blue/green which wasnt what the eyes trully saw, meaning it was more saturated/unrealistic? I ask this because Id rather the more natural to naked eye look cause photoshop can crank up saturation if need stronger colour to make it look more 'painted' than it is in reality (however a photo thats less coloured than the eye sees is a no-no as to me thats poor quality).

3: WHich of the 2 nikon or Canon will provide a better transition in colour? What I mean by this is, which 1 will have a better transition in the colour... again look at the sky, right above you is very blue, and as you look towards the horizon the blue gets lighter and lighter (that gradual change)... which 1 of the 2 will give you the best true look in this context where the blue after the picture is printed does not end up all looking the same (no gradiant change) but you can see that gradual shade getting lighter and lighter as your eyes saw? Or taking photos of the water.. theres many very fine shades in water... which 1 will get the picture closest to what you saw rather than making it all look 1/2 colours without that fine transition?

4: Which of the 2 cameras Canon or Nikon is good for motion shooting? As an example, you sit under a tree with a very strong wind day, you want to take the shot of the fast moving leaves, which 1 will be clearest (no motion blur) and which one will look fuzzier, or sports shots where you need the ball to look as though it was still rather than moving (perfect capturing, no blur even though blur is available if u choose to with the option

5: Which one of the Canon or Nikon will provide the least amount of Noise? What I mean by this is, I want some natural looking shots in the dark of certain things... the ISO is turned up... which one can go higher in the ISO before getting noise in the picture?

For now I think that is it... As you will see my requirement is purely for the cleanest/purest looking photos (as close as to the naked eye can see) rather than blury/not as sharp/too much colour/not enough colour etc.

If I think of Anything else I will ask as the replies come in...

I want to go buy a DSLR and I dont know which 1 to invest in between the 2... so by answering those questions... I will know what ultimately suits me

Thank you very much

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