Why the Q system makes sense

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Re: Why the Q system makes sense

Porsche is one of the most profitable car companies, even in troubled times. one of the most praised by enthusiast drivers, and mostly built around a concept of a VW bug with a misplaced engine in the back.... go figure.

Pentax have often been bolder than most of the other companies. And they showed a similar concept in 2006, (the actual concept is from 2002), but with an integrated CCD like the ricoh GRX.

sjgcit wrote:

I could imagine myself with one

I could imagine myself myself behind the wheel of a Porche 911 with a nice lady, her hair streaming attractively back in the wind, casting the occasional warm glance at me while I guide the 911 effortlessly past lesser mortals and their saloons and hatchbacks..

However, imagine is all I'm gong to be doing unless Porche lower the price a heck of a lot.

Imagining seems to be something the Pentax marketing people have a lot of skill in. I wonder if they have 911's ?

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