New 50D worth buying?

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Re: New 50D worth buying?

I think the 50D has good IQ from 800 ISO and below. 1600 is pretty good if exposed correctly. But anything above that and you get problems. The 50D does not handle noise very well. Even my old rebel Xsi handles its highest ISO better than the 50D handles 3200. It just handles ISO in a sloppy way from what I seen when I use mine. I shoot jpegs so raw shooting may be different with some pp programs for noise. 60D is much better with its jpegs and noise control.

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Having owned a 40d, 50d, 60d, and a 1d mark iii. I can report that the 60d while not a Mark III, is very much a better camera than both th 40d and 50d. of the three cameras (40d, 50d, 60d) I would avoid the 50d. IMHO the 50d is a poor camera from an image point of view. Lastly, the tilt and swivel available on the 60d is real benefit in a lot of shooting situations. Choose th 60d, an be happy.


I've heard complaints about every camera Canon makes but I havent heard the 50D being a poor camera, iq wise that is. Could you expand on that. Anybody want to weigh in on that. I may be able to buy a 50D for the same price as the 60d with the same kit lens. I just cant make up my mind.

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