Deliberately No Professional Wedding Photography

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Slick advertising makes photogrpahy look easy (even weddings!)

What a spectacle. A bunch of people with cameras taking pictures of other people with cameras. Does not sound at all like anyone is planning a celebration just a group photo shoot. The sense of enjoying each others company and being in the moment has been lost completely and instead people are acting for a camera or camcorder like a reality TV show.

Many people place no value on photography and that is fine and their choice. If you want to take pictures then do so and take any lens and go with the flow. If you get some interesting shots that will be good and if you do not your sister in law does not care anyway so why sweat it?


When I got married 30 years ago, I wish that I had the knowledge, financial means, etc. to hire a good wedding photographer (my whole wedding took 15 minutes, had 11 people in attendance, and cost $600). I do have a few fuzzy point and shoot photos.....

To the public masses, it makes photogrpahy look easy when folks see Ashton Kutcher ads where he merrily clicks away and gets stunning pictures:

So sure, just hand out a bunch of Coolpix's and get a lot of great photos!
100% "keeper rate" of course!

How many of the millions who watch these ads realize that the images they're seeing are due in large part to professional lighting, processing, gorgeous models, professional make up artists, professionally prepared sets, etc., etc. (Rhetorical question of course!)?

I'd love to see the photographic results of a wedding photographed by Ashton Kutcher, but without any of the supporting army of photo and advertising professionals.

Most folks don't have clue.

I'm sure that many beautiful photographic wedding moments are being lost.....

I felt badly (but kept my thoughts to myself) for my niece who on the day before her (expensive) Hawiian wedding asked me if I'd take some pictures. If I'd been asked during the planning of the wedding, I'd have explained the reasons for having a professional do the job. She thought my pictures were great, but I know that an experienced pro would've done much better.


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