1D MKIV Firmware 1.1.0 is up

Started May 31, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Marcel Mutter wrote:

I have updated to 1.10 as earlier noted and I did not notice any change to my normal use of the camera. However last week I used the 1D MKIV outside in the bright sun with my PocketWizards and was puzzled because over 4000/sec I had black bars in the picture.

It seems that Canon have changed the timings for the flash and a representative of PocketWizard wrote me that they also noticed that and that they are working on an solution for the new timings.

I have found a temporary workaround and have for under 4000/sec the PocketWizard on AUTO and over 4000/sec on 60D in the Configuration 2 (C2).

I asked Canon if I could back to the 1.08 firmware and they told me that it is impossible to do that.

Lets hope that PocketWizard will have soon a new Beta that solves the problem with the new timings on the 1D MKIV in the 1.10 firmware.

Am I happy I did not "upgrade" the firmware...


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