New User/Questions about GE X500 Camera

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Re: New User/Questions about GE X500 Camera

travelplus wrote:

How do I find out how long it takes between each shot?

That would be described in the specs as something like "continuous shooting rate" or "burst mode". Burst is where a camera can shoot say 4 shots in rapid succession, then there is a delay while the camera processes all the images and stores them on the card. Continuous shooting is usually, slower, and represents the sustained rate of shooting images over a longer period.

In the case of any individual shot, the delay can be broken down like this:

  • focus lag - time for the autofocus to lock onto the subject

  • shutter lag - time from releasing the button to the shot being captured.

After the shot is taken there is a delay while:

  • the image is processed and written to the card

  • the flash recharges, if you are using flash (flash recycle time).

So in practice there is usually a fairly short delay before the shot is taken, and then a somewhat longer delay before the camera is ready for the next shot.


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