Ultra wides: crop vs FF

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Re: Ultra wides: crop vs FF

You need a full frame camera if....

You are after very large, high quality fine art prints...and to be honest if this is your goal medium format is still the best way to go........but crop will not get you the detail you are after.......although it can do very well and meets most users demand.....

The big reason for me is that there are very high quality lenses built specifically for full format cameras

(17mm TS-e 24mm TS-e, Zeiss 21mm) and so on.......If you want to get what these lenses offer you need to have a FF camera. So if you want the very best lenses and get what they were designed for (especially the 17mm TS-e) you need a FF body.

You can use a 17mm TS-e on a crop (I have and do) but you are not getting the field of view you paid for and the ability to create very wide landscape shots with everything in focus and no buildings distorted.............

If you want an 8x10...with great colors and good detail....a 7d with a 10-22 or a 5Dmk2 with a 17-40........Either way you will get a winner....

I prefer FF cameras if not just for the FOV they give you...I like 24-70 and 70-200 vice what a crop gives you.....I also like my 17mm TS-e to be 17mm not 27mm.....It’s all about what fits your needs.

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