Lunch...line item, or bury it in the budget?

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Re: Well explained!!

brecklundin wrote:

The only time I charge clients for meals is when I have to travel out of town for the job.

Assuming you are not agreeing to do 'Work Made For Hire'.

Then this is the way I see it:

If someone asks you to provide them with some pictures for 'them to use' - and you have to travel to produce those pictures - then your travelling costs, etc, are just part of your basic production costs, which you need to take that into account before you quote them a fee for the use of your pictures .

Same with anything else you need to do - including eating - because the fee is simply for the use of your pictures - which you will own - as you will be financing the shoot upfront & creating them, using your own equipment, etc, etc.

As a result, you don't need to present them with a full breakdown of your production costs - you just need to let them know what the fee will be for the use of your pictures .

Pictures which you are agreeing to produce and provide them with, for them to use, as agreed.
Known as a 'Licence fee'.

To avoid any misunderstandings down the road, as to what has been agreed, the Association of Photographers recommend you use this type of form:

So as everyone can clearly see what has and has not been included in the Licence - for the use of your pictures - for the agreed amount, as stated on your Invoice.

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