Show them or not?

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Re: Show them or not?

Ubilam wrote:

Do you post your best images online to free sites like Flickr, FBook and the others?
If so, WHY????

What's the point of a photo if people don't see it? Even if it's something just for my family, am I supposed to make and mail 20 or 30 prints? Anyone who shows or publishes images knows there is a chance they will be appropriated and misused. I can remember seeing paintings copied from Life magazine photos many years ago.

Not to mention that most of the people I photograph come to me for web pictures -- they are going to post them to facebook, modeling sites, dating sites and so on. If I post them I at least get to put my name with them, and sometimes a link back from my more courteous clients.

Do you like having your images stolen at will and used by anybody?

Not especially, but it's a fact of life. Just as it is for musicians and writers. The images I post are small, compressed and watermarked. They still get stolen.

Wake up folks.

Anyone who has been around the internet has been aware of this for years.


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