Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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Re: Honestly

kk123 wrote:

I missed the part where you ACTUALLY compare the two.

I did not make a direct image to image comparison.

Precisely my point, since you were putatively making a COMPARISON! You even went to far as to twice say the differences between the two sensors were "significant" and claimed to somehow demonstrate that with a small photo taken with the D7000 and your claim that the D300 would not do as well (I strongly doubt you could see the difference based on your presentation since it was apparently not close to a 100% view).

The difference is in pixel detail and a more sophisticated pixel/sensor construction.

These are meaningless words. Are you saying a single pixel from the D7000 has more detail than a pixel from the D300/D300s because of its more sophisticated construction? Sorry, I'm not buying into that argument, especially without it being shown to me.

To actually get more detail from a D7000 than from a D300/D300s you would have to presume of course that you are actually getting all the detail from the D300/D300s. That would mean the lens, focus, diffraction, subject motion, and/or support are not getting in the way of that. Under those circumstances, in a best case scenario you would be getting 14% more detail -- which is about the difference between 20" print and a 23" print.

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