Good, sharp and small prime - with adapter

Started Jun 23, 2011 | Discussions thread
PhillipA Veteran Member • Posts: 5,505

A match made in photograhic heaven! I only have the 40mm f1.4, but it is wonderful, quite sharp wide open and extremely sharp at f2. I think that the 38 f1.8 will be similar.

I bought a cheap adapter for mine and it is quite well made - but the little arm on the adapter that engages the "stop-down" lever on the rear of the lens appears to be in the wrong place - not pushing the lens' lever fully around.

This means that turning the aperture ring past f5.6 doesn't stop the lens down any further. You can allow the lens to close down to the correct aperture by holding in the stop-down button on the rear of the lens - the other one that looks like the lens-release button.

You can check if your's is OK by mounting the lens on the adapter and closing the aperture ring while looking at the iris size through the lens,

I added a small piece of metal to the little arm on the adapter to make the edge of it each the right position to push the lens lever all the way.

I was luck enough to buy an original set of PEN-F extension tubes, and combining those with the 40mm gives me almost 1:1 magnification in a very small package.

Judge: ' This image may be better in black and white - perhaps even just black! '

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