Good, sharp and small prime - with adapter

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Re: Good, sharp and small prime - with adapter

kaktusss wrote:

Alupang wrote:

I dunno..I just have it in my head that the more evolved Canon FDn with its modern multi-coated and superior Japanese glass would wipe the floor with those Russian lenses.

Of course they are better in term of IQ, but these tiny Russian lenses are probably the best price/quality/size/weight compromise.

I disagree but keep trying to sell me, I'm listening! The Canon FDn 35mm f2.8 weighs only 170g, costs about $50, has under 1 foot min focus and performance is on par with the best 35mms ever made. The only thing it gives up is about 1.5 cm of adapter length.

I think they're far from bad ....

I can agree with this...that they are far from bad. I do think they are very cool actually--I may snap one up to tinker with.

But still, the Canon FDn 35 isn't far from bad; it's state of the art sharp.

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