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Petition text for Olympus

Ok, I've decided it was time to stop wining and do something about an issue that is bothering me. Olympus should implement some kind of focus peaking in their m43 cameras. Perhaps it's a bit late for the next releases, but the complexity is nothing to write home about, so it might be addressed in a future FW update (as Sony has done).

Some people in these forums might have read it about in a thread I started almost 2 years ago:

and Brian Mosley was kind and diligent enough to pick the idea, submit it to pear review of the UK Olympus Photo Safari Group, collect the feedback and send it back for me to review and integrate into a sort of an essay which was then forwarded to Olympus.

The results seem to be little over nil (I just can't say they were none because lately Olympus cameras offer a one button door into MF Assist) but it was backed by around 30 members IIRC, so it might not have had the impact we were wishing. Now I decided I could have a go at a petition.

Please! I need help to review/plan/edit/suggest a petition asking for a focus peak function on the new cameras.

I'm inexperienced on this, so there are a few points I would appreciate any help/advice:

  • How long should I run the petition?

  • Who should it be addressed to? (Just Olympus or maybe Panasonic too?)

  • How do I draw the manufacturers attention to the petition(s)?

  • Which sites/communities should I approach asking for support? I was thinking about the 3 major photo gear ones, plus some µ43 communities and perhaps

  • Any suggestions to the following text:

To: Olympus Coorporation We would like to suggest the implementation of a manual focus guide for Olympus μ43 cameras.

As you may know, the μ43 line of cameras has met a good history of success within the Compact System Cameras (CSC) segment. One of the key factors for early adapters has been the possibility to mount and use all kind of legacy lenses with Leica being the most notable case. Another key factor for μ43 success was the very warm reception these cameras have met within the videographer community.

With this kind of usage in mind, there is a notable difficulty that arises: the task of manually focusing the lenses in a fast and accurate process.

Professional video cameras (and the recent CSCs from Sony) have devised a way to achieve that critical focus in a way that is fast, intuitive and doesn't get in the way of composition. This is accomplished by a simple colour overlay on the Live feed which highlights the areas of higher contrast. Cameras with such a feature provide a very effective solution for simultaneously focusing and composing a photo and give the videographer ultimate control of focus pulling on video .

We believe it would serve Olympus's interest as well, making your product competitive and expand your user base. As you know the Compact System Camera platform is rapidly growing and market penetration in this moment is a key to success.

We hope you will understand our concern and deman
The Undersigned
Duarte Bruno

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