Olympus imaging CATASTROPHIC collapse; it's coming

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Qualifications for Troll Family

Nah, you're still using olympus and the micro 4/3's mount is spoken of as if it's the same mount by some of the remaining fanboys. If it was a panasonic micro body than maybe your chances of being accepted into the troll family would be much higher as they aren't really accepted with open arms for some odd reason.

When I started to even contemplate adding FF to my photography gear I became a member of the troll family B-) I mean half my gear is still Olympus but that doesn't seem to matter

Mark Chan wrote:

Had to laugh at that.

Surprising speculation on EP3 leads me to consider dispatching of my E5 / EPL2 before the new set comes in - wonder if I will be able to offload either in time.

Then I'll be an official troll too?


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