Why Is the F31fd selling for so much?

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Re: Why Is the F31fd selling for so much?

I tend to agree with this. I as sort of against PP, until I used it, and in the case of Fuji, when I was just shooting casually, it was nice to have such saturation, but most pics were not realistically saturated. Sometimes I desaturated for better balance, or added some sharpening, and so on.

JPEG output in any camera, even one that produces good ones, is only as good as the preferences of the programmer and managers that designed it. And, as we all know, people here argue about preferences. If that particular grouping of settings floats your boat in ALL situations, then fine. But if you're arguing about preference anywhere on this forum, be aware that you're following someone else's and how they perceive the world, by accepting their jpeg output. It may not be how the world is visible to you, nor is it free of marketing consultants in the process.

PAUL TILL wrote:

JohnyR82 wrote:

You know, it is a bit more effective to press a button a have a great picture right away, rather than press a button, open RAW in a special software, fiddle with options and finally have a great picture.

I've never had a JPEG from any camera that didn't need PP so working with RAW files is not a problem for me.


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