Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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Re: Honestly

I have seen d7000 photos of iso values with a noise where, in all honesty, I was thinking how someone was capable of producing them at all. Why I am saying this? I says something about all cameras. The user factor is quite enormous. And, the illusive noise itself is depending on row of factors that are not easy even to be duplicated exactly. Some regular practice with raw files, that is browsing through levels of the image more in depth reveals just that, it’s like live animal - in slightly different zoo with each camera model.

D7000 is made very nicely, nice step up from d90 &d300/s. Nothing groundbreaking but nice, still d300 based cameras are very good and very nice instruments. If you have a skilful experienced user with these cameras and not so with the d7000 though, the difference both in potential and the actual output can be very minimal or disappearing.

The bird &action photographers have got it especially tough. They need to tackle s. speed possibilities in their every day practice. They understandably need and call for a clean isos help amongst the first ones.

D7000 is worth every p imo. It’s another Nikon’s bargain.


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