GH2 Wide Angle .45x Converter WORKS GREAT!

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Re: Why not use a decent lens on a $1000 camera though ?

Because itis only $27 vs $900...

millsart wrote:

Given there is the excellent 7-14, and the very good 9-18mm, why not use those instead if your going to shoot a flagship $1000 camera ?

Its like putting the cheapest tires possible onto an expensive sports car. Sure they will get you down the road, but your not getting the performance you paid for because the cheap tires are the weak link. You might have 500hp but only can harness 100 before the tires break free

Maybe if you never want to take a wide shot it makes sense, but when there are GOOD lenses and you bought a top of the line camera, why introduce such a weak link ?

RayZS wrote:

OP: Ignore all the hissy fits about IQ, barrel distortion, etc. It all comes down to the story you're trying to tell. If it's working for you, who cares. Stanley Kubrick, arguably one of the best photographers of ALL time coulda cared less about barrel distortion. And all the prim & proper photo nerds crucified him for his blown out interiors, only to see it become de riguer these days. Lots of hot air on this board.

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