HS20 vs Sony HX100

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millsart Senior Member • Posts: 2,771
HX100 has BOTH zoom ring and lever

The HX100 has a speed sensative ring around the lens that also zooms the lens. Works amazing well, and additionally its got the little lever thing.

The HS20 manual ring works of course, but at least on mine it was very awkward, sort of sticking at points and making fine control difficult.

The Sony's ring was just so fluid and can either go really fast or if you spin slowly, allow you to perfectly frame a subject.

Fuji just feels really cheap and plastic really, again it works, but it zooms like any cheap DSLR camera lens for Tamron etc. Just doesn't have the precision instrument feel with exact control.

Levers aren't bad though when you want to zoom during video, very smooth. I don't zoom during video typically but for those who do, its something to consider as you can't really do a smooth zoom with either ring method, need the lever to keep things steady

Daniel Lowe wrote:

Absolutely the Fuji.

I will likely never buy a toggle zoom superzoom again, the manual lens on the HS20 is by far superior to those little levers.

It has a real effect when shooting these superzooms, I will often quickly zoom in and out and often discover a tele shot I didn't know was there and vice versa wide angle .

With the 'lever' zooms it just takes too long to use them like this and I am sure shots are frequently missed.

And don't be fooled by the Sony 'zoom ring' it is still electronic and it is still much slower.

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