GH2 Wide Angle .45x Converter WORKS GREAT!

Started Feb 2, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Samples from the Olympus WCON-07C.

For what it's worth here's the evening view from my deck with the 14-140mm Panny set to 28mm (equiv) on my new GH2.

I occasionally used the Oly WCOM -07 (.7x) on my FZ50. All it cost me was a few bucks for 62 to 55mm step down adapter to try it on the 14-140mm. Here's how it looks at the 28mm setting on the lens. And this time with morning light.

I could zoom-in a bit to minimize the vignetted corners. It's a BIG ol hunk of glass to stick on that lens and I doubt I'll use it much ... tho there is one thing I want to try which is setting it VERY close to my hummingbird feeder and hope some brave birds will come close enough for some HD footage.


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