HX100V - more tests incl low light and full zoom all hand held AWESOME

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HX100V - more tests incl low light and full zoom all hand held AWESOME

Did my 2nd round of tests yesterday - full zoom hand held ...amazing IS and CZ lens

already am enjoying this camera more than any other I've had, and re still images the best I've ever seen from a superzoom...so many options ... and settings that actually work ..... incl panoramas, 3D plus the stellar video the camera shoots - judging from reports

Some interesting findings re low light - see attached images of inside an antique shop
A (auto), P(iso set to 100) Scene(iso) & Scene (HHT- hand held twilight)....

the Auto setting chose 640 iso. the P iso 100(set) , the SCENE ISO chose iso 1600 and Scene (hht) chose iso 400

the SCENE (hht) out performed the others - more detail in high light areas and less noise ... in fact not far off the P mode iso100 re noise .....tried this on a few scenes and from now onwards will always choose SCENE hht over the SCENE ISO for low light - its not that the Scene ISO at iso 1600 (which it always seems to choose) is bad but you'll get much better results using the hand held twilight mode

just printed all of these out at 14 x 19 at 240 dpi and they are stunning - on a digital photo printer you could print them at 200 dpi and you'd have incredible prints at around 22/24" with no problem ...a friend at work has a semi pro Canon SLR and she cant believe what images I'm getting with this small sensor camera - and quite honestly how often are you going to need to print larger than that.

Also pic of house nearby and then zooming in on fence post, same goes for bike shot ....detail pic at full zoom is awesome ...you can read the small lettering on the metal - my sharpness in camera is set to low - as I generally prefer to sharpen in photoshop but will try the in camera sharpen as well sometime as people seem to be getting good results with it.

Re outside antique store images - seems that AUTO+ setting shoots in Vivid colour - my P mode is set to REALISTIC ...difference is visible here ...enjoy

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