SD1 diary: HUGE SPP5 BUG... but fixable: unlocking the REAL power of SD1!

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SD1 diary: HUGE SPP5 BUG... but fixable: unlocking the REAL power of SD1!

Ever feel like the SD1 hasn't lived up to the promise of the early prints?

I finally figured it out. Will post something longer soon explaining in detail.

Until then:

Why have the SD1 samples you have been seeing have lacked color depth and smooth tonal gradations? Because there is a default COLOR SPACE 'bug' in SPP5.

The samples we have been seeing (pretty much all of them) have been processed with the rich data of the SD1 badly (probably totally wrongly) mapped to the sRGB color space.

Try it yourself. Download the Chinese boy SD1 portrait RAW and open it in SPP5.

Now go to the 'preferences' menu and look under 'default colour space'. Instead of the default setting 'same as EXIF' choose 'Adobe RGB' or better yet 'Pro Photo RGB'.

Ta- DAH!!! Much richer colors open up, less noise and FAR smoother gradations.

When you export, the benefits will only appear in a viewer that does not automatically map to sRGB. You might need to manually select the right color space in your viewer of choice.

WOW. I'm really impressed with what I'm seeing now. Solid week of testing ahead!

Finally, the SD1 is showing its true colors (pun intended) and it is WORLDS ahead of the old cameras. BTW, with the correct color space selected the AWB is perfect and I haven't needed to use the color wheel at all!!

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