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Re: Honestly

you cant jump at first next sensor erratically.


Sure not, therefore the sandgrouse picture to show that the D7000 delivers better than D300/D300s. D7000 is very convincing. It lacks some buffer, but you get better pictures. AF is very good. For a none birder I would not have changed, but waited for the D400, which probably will have the same sensor as D7000.

I didn’t particularly mean associating erratically based decisions mentioned in context earlier with you.

There isn’t really a need for displaying an image to realize the difference between 12 and 16mp. There actually are even parrots – and ravens (while at birds ) that would manage to tell the difference between 16 an 12.

Someone can take better shots with d300 just because of its different form, the way it balances etc. So there is no need to name other differences between body operations, not to mention AF which is different with each body. For some these are decisive enough aspects, for the others they may be aspects of a pure IQ that also, though, can be more or less relative to the previous. Finally, it’s not between d7000 and d300s. The d300s line is not finished which follows that the upcoming ‘d400’ consideration gains in significance especially at this time and for people not wanting going through temporary solutions or keeping more cameras.

And finally, there simply is not any question for some folks to even think about it. They want their d300/s upgrade and discussions about fleeting advantages of a lower model camera sensor see as a nitpicking. I don’t blame them. The craft, skill n experience combined with what was just recently a top IQ dx dslr and well the best wildlife photographic machine (for specific tasks) make such a potential waiting for an upgrade not very difficult.

OT but you may want check right side of the image for 4 spots n the left one - in front of the upper bird head, a little further - for another one. Splendid birds. (It’s well the case where the image Q would be impossible with d300s whether it’s for the pixel density or the s speed/iso/noise outcome that looks here just on the edge of being a nice image be it on a monitor or a smaller print.)



on AF: Good it works for what you shoot. My experience would suggest similar. There are mixed reports so far (early samples/QC issues?) . But the AF has some way to become “good” on the whole. Low contrast makes these (all) dx cameras rather limping on one side with d300/s having some little edge. I am not saying we don’t have means to get sure focus nearly everywhere (not when time is limited); it’s not just that simple as to rely on AF or ordinarily applied c.d. AF. It’s still distant from what we could call reliable under these conditions. In this area d7000’s progress stagnates.

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