60D vs 7D - AF system

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re: just out of curiosity...

...I run two checks:

  • first on 1Dx-5Dx forum:

99 posts in 18 months

  • and then a sudden spate of activity, rather recent on 10D-60D-7d:

most of which in the same rather obsessive vein like we witness here,
pretty strange, and perhaps telling,


rwbaron wrote:

Think this guy has an axe to grind? It appears he sure does love his 60D. No dount it's a very nice camera but to say the 7D is not worthy of the additional $$ is pretty shallow IMO.

I considered the 60D as a backup to my 7D and could get by with the more limited AF for backup but the lack of AF-MA ruled it out. Virtually all my long glass requires some adjustment which means the 60D would have a very limited usefulnesss for me. It's too bad Canon decided to dumb the 60D down in this respect.

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