Waterpocket Fold, Capitol Reef National Park.

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Waterpocket Fold, Capitol Reef National Park.

Continuing in my series of my recent trip to Southern Utah....

We drove the Burr Trail east from Boulder Utah to the Waterpocket Fold area of Capitol Reef National Park. This is a nearly 100 mile long uplift that has worn down and collapsed creating a long thin valley with cliffs and domes on the sides, especially the west side. The northern part mostly fades into the desert.

Here are a few shots of the drive up the fold on the Bullfrog/Notom road, and the Hartnet Road up from the Freemont River Ford to Cathedral Valley. Cathedral Valley will be a whole 'nother long thread later one.

As we headed east toward the fold in the mid morning light, the vistas were hazed but incredible, visibility was 25+ miles just not super clear at those distances.

The Reef from the West

The Switchbacks, this road used to be 1/2 has wide (Early 1980's and scared the heck out of you!) You lose hundreds of feet in elevation in a very short distance.

The southern Reef, this is an 8 shot pano shot at 150mm in portrait orientation with the DA 55-300

Once you get past Highway UT-24 you ford the Freemont River and get up on top of the northern part of the Reef which peters out into high desert with scenes like this.

There is also a fun stop to make at this old drill truck

The emptiness is almost overwhelming at times, but the wideopen spaces are soothing in their stillnes.

As we kept ascending higher onto the plateau we went through the bentonite containing clay layers that look like the surface of mars.

And finally got up on top of the plateau that overlooks the Desert to the south.

Next stop Upper Cathedral Valley. This was a multi day stay and I still have a few pictures to sort through.

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed your visit!


p.s. for you techno heads, these were shot with a K200d, and one of these lenses: Rokinon 8mm f3.5, Sigma 10-20 f4-5.6, Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4.5, or Pentax DA 55-300 f4-5.8

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