Is 10 days or so enough time to learn D7000, before a trip

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Re: No - not for me it wouldn't be!

David Lal wrote:

I don't have a D7000 but from what I see here it is a complicated beast - added to which, getting a good one seems to be a bit of a lottery, not to mention the oil splatter problem and all the rest of it. From a UK perspective a holiday in Kauai is an exotic and expensive one - not the time to go experimenting with new kit - especially as the time you have to learn is not quality time.

What shots do you want to take which cannot adequately be obtained with a D80? Is obtaining them worth the risk of a poor overall set of holiday photographs spoiled by lack of familiarity with new equipment?

Don't do it!


Wow, I guess I need to take my D7000 back to the store..I bought it while on vacation yesterday. I did not even bring my D90, but I brought along one of my SB900's, 70-200vr, 85 1.4, 35 1.8, 10-20 3.5, Sigma 50 1.4 but no body assuming the D7000 was more available in the US and cheaper.

I am not sure what excuse I can use to get my money back; it is not broken, it works perfectly, it has no user induces problems like softness, dirt on sensor, over exposure etc.

Do I have to delete the many keeper shots since I should not be using the camera without weeks of study?

Seriously, the camera is great, and a noticeable improvement over my beloved D90 which has over 75,000 shots and still perfect. The D7000 is solid feeling, particularly with the grip if one has large hands like mine, the DR at low iso has to be seen to be believed, none better, AF fast and accurate but the modes have different behavior than prior models, AWB is spot on, meter better, and finally I have a camera quiet enough to shoot performance of classical music or ballet.

If a new user reads the manual on the plane, and is not too proud to put it in P or even Auto mode for the first hour, there is no reason why the D7000 in the hands of a new user will not produce great images in more varied conditions than prior technology cameras.
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